Are You Stuck as a Result of Asking the Wrong Questions?

I’ve always found that the right question makes a big difference. The right question often leads to a trajectory shift. The right question often leads to a new and better point-of-view (and a better “point-of-view is worth 80 IQ points“).

Are you asking the right questions about your small group ministry strategy?

Or are you asking the wrong questions?

The Wrong Questions

According to my friend Dave Ferguson, the wrong questions are “more reactive than proactive” and “focused on making my current model better or bigger.”

“Asking the wrong questions gives us status quo answers and status quo results.” Dave Ferguson, Hero Maker: Five Essential Practices for Leaders to Multiply Leaders

The Right Questions

The right questions are “about reproducing, multiplying and movement making.”

Author Warren Berger says, “Breakthroughs are often born with someone asking, ‘What if?'” See also, Big Innovations Question the Status Quo. How Do You Ask the Right Questions?

How to Ask the Right Questions

Can you see it? The right questions focus on results that can’t be accomplished within the current paradigm.

The right questions become recognizable when they begin to provide answers that are beyond what is currently imaginable within the design limits of your existing model or strategy. See also, Exponential Thinking: The Power of Adding a Zero

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