Had a chance this week to take a close look at Francis Chan’s 7 session DVD-driven study, BASIC: Who Is God?.  Produced by Flannel (the group behind NOOMA), you know this is not going to be a run-of-the-mill talking head series.

There are several elements that make BASIC: Who Is God? a study that will be an important addition to the recommended list in most small group ministries.

First, it features Francis Chan and if you’re at all familiar with Chan…you know what that means.  You can expect a convicting, challenging and very compelling message.  I’m not sure there’s ever been a Francis Chan message that pulls punches…and he doesn’t start here.  Your members will see God from a very different angle.

Second, the study is presented in an interesting and unique way.  There are three units to it (Fear God, Follow Jesus and Holy Spirit) with a separate DVD for each.  Each unit contrasts what you find in the Bible and what we experience in church life.  As Chan teaches the concept, a captivating visual unfolds that in each case adds an element of tension.  It’s actually hard to explain, but the combination is a little mesmerizing.

Third, while the group discussion questions are on the screen, the Follower Guide provides a take home experience that will encourage your members to continue developing a more complete understanding.  They’ll also be led to put what they’re learning into practice.

If your like me, you’ve got groups that will love this kind of challenge.  You’ve got groups that need this in order to take the right next step.  And you’ve probably got groups that are a little burnt out on relational studies and are ready for a little in-your-face Francis Chan.

This is great stuff.  I need BASIC: Who Is God? on my recommended list…and I bet you do to.

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