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Dilbert on How a Small Group Connection Really Works

Sometimes you just need to laugh.


Dilbert on Resistance to Change

Sometimes you just need to laugh.

resistant to change

Dilbert on Developing Insight

Sometimes we just need to laugh.  And then again, sometimes it hurts to laugh.

bad time to become insightful

Dilbert on Worst Case Scenario Planning

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

only losers plan for failure

Dilbert on Self Awareness

Sometimes you just to laugh. Not when standing near Alice…but you get the idea.performance review

Dilbert on Intuition and Magical Thinking

Sometimes…you just have to laugh.  This is for that time.

magical thinking

Dilbert on Authentic Leadership

Sometimes you just need to laugh…and sometimes it hurts to laugh.

who is up for some leadership

Dilbert on Vision Clarity

Sometimes we just need to laugh…or cry.  Either way, this one will resonate with lots of us!vision clarity

Dilbert on Leading by Example

Sometimes…the truth hurts and you have to laugh.

leading by example

Top 10 Reasons Leprechauns Rarely Join a Small Group

Threave Castle

Courtesy Steven Lewis

Today bein’ St. Patrick’s Day ‘n all, I thought it might be somthin’ fine to talk about some of the reasons Leprechauns rarely join a small group.

  1. Who really wants to share the pot of gold?  Very few leprechauns are others-centered.
  2. Much too busy.  Most leprechauns spend all of their time making shoes.  What leprechaun actually has the time to hang out on a regular basis?
  3. Lucky Charms may be magically delicious, but they’re almost never the snack of choice in a small group.
  4. One exception to the rule seems to be found in Darby O’Gill and the Little People (although the leprechaun king’s group was really more of a mid-size group).
  5. Leprechauns are very picky about who they will hang out with.  Everyone knows that a leprechaun would rather climb a tree than spend time with strangers.  See also, The Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama.  HT Huffington Post.
  6. Apparently when leprechaun’s are interested in a small group they will only join a men’s small group…since there are no female leprechauns.  The one exception is when Jennifer Aniston is the leader of a co-ed group.  See also, Jennifer Aniston’s Big Screen Debut.
  7. It ain’t easy being a Notre Dame fan.  Just imagine being the mascot!
  8. They know we’ve all had it up to here with practical jokers.  Although many of us enjoy playing practical jokes…few of us enjoy having them played on us.  It’s hard to build true community when your car is not where you left it every time your group meets.
  9. Turns out a leprechaun’s greatest fear isn’t public speaking.  It’s being held captive…in your living room!
  10. Your church’s ban on drinking alcohol during small group meetings.  Just ain’t working for the lil guy in the green coat (Thanks to Thom Emery for #10). 

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