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Quotebook: A Higher Standard than Jesus? (re:group Day Two)

quote marksThere are times every once in a great while when something a speaker says is so convicting it causes an audible gasp or sigh in the room. There was one of those times on Day Two of re:group in the session by Tim Cooper called Training Leaders to Engage Culture.

It was a statement that was not in the notes and I’m not sure if it was a quote. Here’s the line:

“If what someone is doing keeps you from ministering to them them, you have a higher standard than Jesus”

I hope I never forget that truth.

18 Great Lines from Andy Stanley (re:group Conference Day One)

quote marksAndy Stanley’s talk during the opening session of re:group ’16 was a serious collection of great groups one liners. Here are the ones I captured:

  1. After announcing that North Point Ministries has 72,000 people in groups. “20 years in people ask me, ‘What would you change if you started over?’ Our one numeric goal (to have 100,000 people in groups) has shaped everything. It has shaped everything including our budget. Your goals shape where the money goes. Groups is the best bet.”
  2. “People often come up to me and say, “I visited your church.” I tell them, “No you didn’t. You visited one of our worship services. Our church meets in circles.”
  3. “We wanted to build a community of Jesus followers who were in community.”
  4. “The most powerful form of evangelism is a community of Christians who love each other.”
  5. “The one another factor is the explanation of the first couple hundred years.”
  6. “Our kids think you’re supposed to be in a group and lead a group.”
  7. “The church doesn’t happen in rows. The church happens in circles.”
  8. “When people say, ‘I’m going to call the church,’ we should say, ‘no you’re not. You’re going to call somebody. The church meets in circles.'”
  9. “[Life-change] happens a little bit in rows and a lotta bit in circles.”
  10. Teaching on Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, “When people are in circles, ‘the church’ automatically picks them up.”
  11. “Groups are like retirement savings. If people wait until they need it [to be picked up] they won’t have it when they need it.”
  12. “Groups are preventative. Somebody (in your group) can see what they can’t see. Somebody can always see it coming.”
  13. “Groups are preventative. You can’t measure prevention. You can measure what happens without it. There is way way more going on (in groups) than you can measure.”
  14. “Every marriage needs support now in order to avoid life support later.”
  15. “[Life-change] is cumulative. When you miss one time you don’t miss much. It happens over time.”
  16. “Your life would be better if the generation before you had been connected.”
  17. “The generation before us tells us that circles are better than rows.”
  18. “You can’t do in rows what you can do in circles.”

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quote marks“A new perspective could be sitting In the seat next to you.” Andrea Lucado

quote marks“The best plan is only good intentions unless it degenerates into work.” Peter Drucker

quote marksInspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” Pablo Picasso

craig groeschel“To reach people no one else is reaching we must do things no one else is doing.” Craig Groeschel

AndyStanley“Your ministry is perfectly designed to produce the results you are currently experiencing.” Andy Stanley

Carl George on How Leaders Allocate Resources

carl georgeSome lines are more than just memorable. They reverberate long after they were spoken. This line from my friend Carl George has continued to come up in my own work for almost 25 years:

“Leaders allocate the finite resources to the critical growth path.” Carl George

When I use this line I always point out three things:

  1. Resources are finite. They are not infinite.
  2. There is a critical growth path. There may be more than one path, but there is one that is critical.
  3. Only leaders are willing to make this choice. All others blink.

tom peters“Irrelevance comes from always doing the things you know how to do in the way you’ve always done them.” Tom Peters

My longstanding interest in the application of the ideas of great business writers (such as Tom Peters, Jim Collins, Gary Hamel, and Patrick Lencioni and many more), began in 1986 when I read In Search of Excellence.

Image by McKinsey

General Eric Shinseki on Change and Irrelevance

SHINSEKI“If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.” General Eric Shinseki

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