How Long’s It Been…Since You Checked These 3 Details?

Just like that cracked windshield or the little tear in the armrest of your car, there are certain things that just blend in after a while.  To you.  You don’t even see them anymore.

Everyone else?  They see them immediately.

Just like the way you don’t even remember the last time you really looked at the way your small group ministry is seen by anyone looking for information.

You meant to check on it in mid-December.  Actually…the last time you really looked at it was right before your church-wide campaign last September.

With me?  Let’s fix it.

Here’s your assignment.  It’ll take 15 minutes.

  1. Take a careful look at your website content.  Is the information current?  Are there unnecessary steps separating the customer from the information?  Is the content presented in the language of the customer?  Or does your customer need to speak a foreign language?  See also 5 Transferable Concepts from Saddleback’s Recent Campaign Launch and Can I Tell What’s Important by Looking at Your Church’s Homepage?
  2. Look at your bulletin.  Is the information current?  Are you presenting steps that are easy, obvious and strategic?  Is all of the contact information up-to-date?  See also Create Connecting Steps that are Easy, Obvious, and Strategic.
  3. Look over your small group ministry brochure and any other literature at your guest center.  Is the information up-to date?  Does your literature have the look and feel it needs to inspire confidence?

What do you think?  Have a question?  Want to add an idea? You can click here to jump into the conversation.

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