Upon Further Review…Here Are My Top 10 Posts for 2012

Here are my top 10 posts for 2012.  It’s interesting (at least to me) what the top posts turn out to be.  I can tell you this…that Beth Moore was busy in 2012!

  1. New from Beth Moore | James: Mercy Triumphs
  2. How to Launch Groups Using a Small Group Connection
  3. 10 Essential Small Group Leader Skills
  4. How to Choose a Small Group System or Strategy
  5. New from Beth Moore | The Law of Love: Lessons from the Pages of Deuteronomy
  6. Review: Not a Fan
  7. 5 Keys to Sustaining New Groups
  8. The Meta Church Small Group Model
  9. Host: What Does It Mean?
  10. Review: Gospel Revolution: A New DVD-Driven Study from J.D. Greear

What do you think?  Have a favorite that didn’t make the top 10?  You can click here to jump into the conversation.