Win a “Pressure Points” Church-Wide Campaign Package!

I’m so excited about a great give-away!  Pressure Points, a six session study based on the book of James, is a true church-wide campaign.  With curriculum available for adults, teens and kids, it will generate one conversation and leverage one of the real keys to a great church-wide experience.

New from Chip Henderson and published by LifeWay, this is a great match of a great topic and a great communicator.  I am always on the lookout for topics that are cross-cultural, that is they make sense to the friends, neighbors, family and co-workers, too.  Pressure Points fits this bill perfectly!  You can learn more about it right here.

To support the contest, LifeWay has put together a great offer!  The winner will receive:

That’s an $800.00 value!

You must do TWO (2) things.  And you have to do both to win.

  1. Use the comment section to tell me why you’d like to win.  You can comment right here.
  2. Tweet or Facebook the following line: “RT @MarkCHowell: Win a Pressure Points Church-Wide Campaign Kit by Chip Henderson, an $800 value  “”

The contest ends on Friday, July 26th, at noon (PT).  Thanks for playing!

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  • Kristin

    I’d love to win the Pressure Points materials. I lead small group ministry at my church, and we are looking for a catchy, relevant, thought-provoking study & sermon series to offer to our congregation. One that will compel even the unconnected to say, “I want to know more”, and join in!

  • Elim Gospel Church

    We have been purchasing Lifeway materials each quarter for years and love their material. This particular series sounds like it would help our upstate NY people really well in the high pressure environments they are in. Elim Gospel Church loves Lifeway’s stuff:)

  • Kathy

    I echo what Kristin said in her post!

  • markchowell

    Thanks Kathy. Hope you remember to Tweet or Post to Facebook the phrase above. Not a valid entry without it!


  • Tom Langley

    We are a new church “Road to Recovery Fellowship” and would love a new, fresh, challenging (as I know James can be) for our people – we are just starting to reach the youth of our community. Even though we are not huge as a church, this
    something we can use again as we continue to grow – God Bless.

    Tom Langley

  • markchowell

    Sounds great Tom! Be sure you’ve tweeted or posted to Facebook the phrase above. Must comment AND tweet or post.


  • Werner Morgenstern

    I would love to win this. Our church wants to reach out for the community, and bridge the gap in the culture, and generations. We need to train our people, to be able to reach across the gap.

  • Adam Parker

    Wow, great giveaway Mark, thank you!

    I would love to win this one for my church as the vertical integration is a great opportunity for alignment. Specifically Pressure Points fits our area as this is a professional level area that combines people who can make great money but who have leveraged themselves so hard they are constantly on the edge of a breakdown.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • Jim Wright

    Thank you for the opportunity to try out something new! We are small but growing assembly who is just beginning to re-introduce small groups. This would be an amazing kickoff for fall with our families and it would open the door to reach out to our community. I like the idea that we can spark interest to train new leaders and get the whole family involved in the curriculum together. We are in Canada and while are cultures are not parallel they are similar. We would love to be the trial point on the continent, but outside the country of origin for this new series.