Debug Your Thinking

When you think about your discipleship strategy or your connection strategy…how is it working?  Have you ever slowed down long enough to really examine your results?  To see if what you are trying to do is really happening?

[quote]On the wall in my office you’ll find a quote that is constantly on my mind as I work with churches to help them debug their thinking.  Here’s what it says:

“Your ministry is perfectly designed to produce the results you are currently experiencing.”  Andy Stanley

When I’m talking with a church about the way things are working, I like to point out that the reality is that their design is producing the results they’re currently getting.  “Like what’s happening?  Keep doing it.  Don’t like it?  You’ll need to change the design!”  And for many churches that is what needs to happen…but getting started just never seems to happen.

Maybe that’s your church!  Maybe that’s your ministry.  You may be able to work through this process all on your own.  But maybe what you need is an outsider who can guide you and your team through a process of discovery.

3 Next Steps to Consider:

  1. Schedule a call to begin to assess your situation.
  2. Join a group of churches working through the debugging process together.
  3. Schedule an on-site consultation.

One of the books that has had great influence on my thinking over the last 2 years is Gary Hamel’s The Future of Management.

Here are a few of the articles I’ve written:

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