I get a lot of questions about coaching calls. How they work? What to expect? Is preparation necessary? How to get the most out of them?

Maybe this list of my most frequently asked questions will help you!

Will my coaching call be a phone call or a video call? It is more and more common for coaching calls to happen on Zoom, FaceTime or Google Meet.

Can I invite other staff members or key volunteers to join the coaching call? Absolutely. In fact, there are needs, issues or problems that greatly benefit from the participation of other team members on the coaching call.

Can the coaching call be recorded? Definitely. We can easily record the Zoom call and make it downloadable to share with team members.

How can I get the most out of my coaching call? Every time I schedule a coaching call, my immediate question is, "What needs, issues or problems do we need to talk about?" That question will usually surface plenty of ideas for a 60 minute coaching call. The next question is, "What is the most important need, issue or problem we need to talk about?" (That will help clarify what to talk about first and what to spend the most time on)

What should I expect as a result of my coaching call? When we finish the call you will have one or more assignments and can expect a follow up email with the links to a set of articles that relate to your need, issue or problem.

Is preparation necessary? Sometimes your response to the initial email will prompt a follow up email with an assignment to be completed BEFORE our coaching call. For example, there are issues that require knowledge of things like the average adult weekend worship attendance, your last Christmas Eve adult worship attendance, the number of active groups and active group members, etc.

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