LAUNCH: An 8 Session Training Program. Beginning July 2nd!

Rocket LaunchWhat if you launched a wave of small groups that impacted your community?  What if your church changed your community?  What if the secret to transforming your community was a well-designed, strategically executed, church-wide campaign?

You’re invited to join me for a special 8 week program designed to take you and your team from drawing board to implementation, preparing to launch a church-wide campaign that will impact your community.  You’ll learn how to:

  • Plan the launch sequence.
  • Recruit and train an effective team of hundred-fold players.
  • Engage and maximize the impact of your Senior Pastor.
  • Recruit and train a large wave of new leaders.
  • Promote the launch and capture imagination.
  • Sustain momentum beyond fall 2009, well into 2010.

Eight 60 Minute Sessions

  • Designed to take you from planning to implementation
  • Each session is recorded and downloadable to share with your team
  • Outlines and additional planning resources included

Beginning Thursday, July 2nd, 11:00 a.m. EDT

Take Advantage of Super Early Bird Prices (Thru Friday, 6/12/09)

Register Today and Save!

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