How to Maximize a Church-Wide Campaign

Thanks for attending my recent workshop!  I love being part of the learning process and I really hope the workshop helped you!  (see below for two important notes on how I can help you further)

Here are a few key links to articles that expand on the ideas in my presentation.

How to Develop a Timeline for Your Church-Wide Campaign

10 Simple Steps to a Great Church-Wide Campaign

Your Church-Wide Campaign Topic Determines Two Huge Outcomes

Recruiting Additional Coaches for Church-Wide Campaigns

How to Make the HOST Ask: The 2012 Version

Why You Must Make the HOST Ask Several Weeks in a Row

Add 5 to 10% More HOSTs with This Jedi Move

HOST Orientations that Work

Add This HOST Orientation Idea to Your Bag of Tricks

5 Keys to Getting Everyone Involved in Your Church-Wide Campaign

What’s Next? When and How to Promote the Follow-Up Study

Hope this helps!  Two things to keep in mind:

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  2. If your church needs help making a church-wide campaign happen…I am available to provide a customized coaching arrangement that will make a big difference.  You can find out about that right here.
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