Notes and Links from How to Build a Thriving Small Group Ministry

There are some basic building block concepts that actually precede any discussion about how to start new groups, where to find leaders, or how to develop coaches.  I’ve written a lot about the ideas you heard about in my presentation.

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Here are a few of the most important posts on this topic:

Diagnosing a Small Group Ministry (This is the anchor post for a series where I showed how to diagnose your system)

Start with the End in Mind (This post will look very familiar, but will fill in some important blanks)

The End in Mind for My Ideal Small Group

“You Are Here” and Getting to There

Start with “Perfect” and Work Backward

Creating Your “Refined” Preferred Future

Budgeting for the Preferred Future

GroupLife Agnostics and the Adjacent Possible

The Four Helpfuls List by Tom Paterson

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