How To Connect with the Small Group Network

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Here’s how to connect with the smartest small group people in your area!  Why go it alone?  Take 3 minutes.  Follow these easy steps…and you’ll be on your way to connecting with the right people.

Big Disclaimer: This is NOT about Purpose Driven.  This is about how to connect with the smartest group people in your area.  Whether you’re trying to build a church “of” or “with” small groups, if you’re passionate about group life this is a great way to build connections in your region.  You’ll meet people who know the answers to your questions.  You’ll also meet people who need to know what you know. [quote]

There are regional huddles in all 50 states.  There is also information about how to take a next step in a number of Canadian locations.

Here’s what they’re saying: “I can read all the books, websites, and blogs and attend all the conferences,  but nothing helps like face to face interaction with colleagues who are doing small group ministry!”

It’s free.  It’s easy to get involved.  And it’s a great way to network with a group of like-minded learners.

Here’s how to join a Regional Huddle:

  1. Click here to begin
  2. Scroll down to your state or province
  3. Find the huddle you want to join
  4. Click “Join the Group” you’ll get a pop-up registration form.
  5. Begin by typing in your last name in the name field (your name may come up if you’ve attended a Purpose Driven Event or Conference)
  6. If your name does not come up, click “Add yourself as a member”
  7. Complete the form, hit submit, and you’ll receive an email from your Regional Point Person.
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  2. Warren on October 6, 2009 at 8:28 am

    Great tip, thanks so much!