Developed to provide a solid grounding in the essentials, think of SGM101 (SGM101) as the foundation for next-level leadership in small group ministry.

While I've built an extensive online video course library, this is the first course I've offered that truly assumes the need for a basic foundational understanding of small group ministry.

Who needs this course? I think there are two main groups:

  1. New small group pastors and directors often need help understanding the big picture and will benefit greatly from SGM101.
  2. Small group ministry practitioners leading plateaued or struggling ministries (plateaus can often be explained by misunderstandings of one or more basic concepts or practices).

Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • A keen understanding of the why of small group ministry. What is it we're trying to build?
    • Why groups? Why community?
    • What is authentic community?
    • The default development of all groups
    • The importance of connecting people and making disciples
  • Basic understanding of the building blocks of a thriving small group ministry.
    • A year-round connecting strategy 
    • A proven method of identifying and recruiting new leaders
      • Who can lead? High bar vs low bar?
      • Open or closed groups?
    • A scalable strategy to care for and develop leaders
      • What do leaders need?
      • How to give leaders what they need?
    • A partnership with your senior pastor
      • Supporting your senior pastor
      • Collaborating with your senior pastor
      • Stages of the senior pastor/groups pastor relationship
  • How to spend your time? What’s most important?
    • Core values of groups pastors/directors

What’s Included:

  1. Four 75 minute sessions
  2. Downloadable outlines (allowing you to capture every detail)
  3. Each session is packed with actionable takeaways
  4. All sessions are downloadable to share with your team
  5. Password-protected site with additional supporting resources.
  6. 100% money back guarantee.  If you’re not completely satisfied…I’ll refund your money.
  7. Add a diagnostic coaching call at a special reduced rate (My regular price for a 60 minute call is $125)
  8. Questions?  Email Me for information.

Special Note: This course is included when you're a GroupLife Insider (my membership site). It might be worthwhile to consider becoming a GroupLife Insider member.

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