Small Group Ministry Training and Development 1.0

I'm excited to launch my newest course! Small Group Ministry Training and Development (SGMT&D) is designed to provide a guided experience, covering a comprehensive set of the topics essential to building and leading a thriving small group ministry in the 21st century.

SGMT&D is a guided experience, designed to fully leverage the in-depth training I offer with my growing library of video mini-courses. Anchored by a series of five 60 minute one-to-one coaching calls, participants will complete sequential pre-work assignments (in advance of each coaching call) and customized follow-up assignments, designed to ensure the building blocks of small group ministry are in place.

The new course includes:

  • 5 scheduled 60 minute one-to-one coaching calls. These calls will be calendared at your convenience and designed to follow up on pre-work assignments and set the stage for the customized follow-up assignments. Because they are one-to-one calls, they can begin at any time and be scheduled at your pace.
  • 5 pre-work assignments. The assignments will focus on the completion of one or more of my mini-courses, exploring the 6 core topics covered in the course.
  • Customized follow-up assignments. These assignments will provide the guidance you need to begin to put the practices you're learning into place in your ministry.
  • One year all-access membership to GroupLife Insider (GLI). GLI includes all of my mini-courses, which are designed to provide an in-depth look at the core competencies needed by small group pastors and directors, as well as a step-by-step guide to many of the key strategies needed to recruit and care for an unlimited number of leaders and connect well beyond the usual suspects.

Core Topics covered in the course:

1. An overview of small group ministry basics (SGM101)

2. Diagnosing your small group ministry (DYSGM)

3. Designing, Building and Sustaining a Thriving Small Group Ministry (DBS16)

4. Proven methods of identifying and recruiting new leaders

5. A scalable strategy of caring for and developing leaders (BECS16 + BTNSGC)

6. Developing a partnership with your senior pastor

Cost to participate in the new course:

SGMT&D is available at the introductory price of $750. The registration fee can be paid all at once or broken into five monthly payments of $165.

Have questions? Email Me 

Ready to get started? There are two payment options:

Full Payment

Take advantage of the lowest pricing. Make a one time payment of $750 and get started today! You'll receive a welcome email with full instructions once payment is received. 

5 Monthly Payments

Prefer to set up an installment plan? 5 monthly payments of $165 gets you access to the full program. You'll receive a welcome email with full instructions upon receipt of the first payment.

Whether you've been at it for several years or you're new to small group ministry, Small Group Ministry Training and Development will help you take your ministry to the next level.

I'd love to help you build a thriving small group ministry, designed to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Have questions? Email Me 

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