TeleCoaching Courses

TeleCoaching (participation in a series of teleconferences) is a very effective way to learn.  Unlike attending a conference and experiencing the “firehose to face” phenomenon, TeleCoaching allows you to take part in a learning experience over several weeks.  The one hour format allows you to process the content, talk about it on your team, begin to implement the idea, and build on what you learn over several weeks.

Each year we offer several distance learning opportunities.  Repeated series include:

  • Building an Effective Coaching Structure: a four week course designed to help you identify and recruit the right people, train them for effectiveness, and equip coaches to do for your small group leaders what you want the leaders to do for their members.
  • Reach Your Community with a Relational Small Group Strategy: a 90 day program designed to help you prepare for a church-wide campaign that launches sustainable neighborhood groups.  12 strategic steps take you from concept to implementation.
  • Getting to There: a four week course designed to help you assess your ministry, identify and articulate a vision-based end-in-mind, integrate trajectory shifting strategies that will take you where you want to go and sustaining strategies that will keep you on track.

New courses are in the plans for fall, 2009.  Watch for an announcement in mid-July.

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