Take Advantage of my Online Short Courses

Can’t make it to one of my workshops?  Take advantage of one of my online short courses!

  • Supercharge Your Fall Ministry Season – 2018 will provides a jump start for a powerful fall launch.  I’ve only given this course two other times and I’ve revamped it to include our latest learnings and a number of very powerful and game-changing discoveries. This 4 week mini-course will help you connect way beyond the usual suspects, launch more new groups than ever before, sustain more momentum going into the holidays and the new year, and provide a set of tailored next steps for your congregation and crowd.
  • Small Group Ministry 101 (SGM101): I want to invite you to join me for my new 4 session mini-course: Small Group Ministry 101 (SGM101).  Developed to provide a solid grounding in the essentials, think of SGM101 as the foundation for next-level leadership in small group ministry.
  • How to Choose the Best Small Group Model (for YOUR Church): I believe there is a best small group model for your church. I also believe once you learn to identify the best model for your church and have implemented the strategies and tactics taught in this course you’ll begin to see results that move you toward your preferred future.
  • Small Group Ministry Basic Training: Whether you’re on staff as a small group pastor or director or a passionate volunteer dedicating your time and energy to champion small group ministry…this course will help you understand and implement the basics.
  • How to Design, Build and Sustain a Thriving Small Group Ministry will take you through what I believe are four essential steps.  This course is based on my most requested and most popular workshop, it draws more positive comments and rave reviews than anything else I talk about.
  • How to Maximize YOUR Church-Wide Campaign: No other strategy for launching new groups is as powerful as the Church-Wide Campaign strategy. My newest short course will teach you how to recruit way more leaders than you ever thought possible, launch more groups than ever before, connect WAY beyond the usual suspects, and recruit and train the coaches you need in order to sustain the new groups you launch.
  • New and Radically Improved: Building an Effective Coaching Structure is not easy…but you can do it. There is no substitute for doing it the right way. Conferences and seminars are great…but can be an expensive proposition when you’re talking about sending a team. Why not take advantage of step-by-step training from the comfort of your home or office?
  • Basic Training for New Small Group Coaches is a follow-up course to Building an Effective Coaching Structure (BECS). Where BECS teaches you how to identify, recruit and deploy coaches, it doesn’t equip you to train the new coaches you recruit for their very first assignment. I designed Basic Training for New Small Group Coaches to be used two ways. You can take advantage of my trainings and teach them to your new coaches. OR, you can simply offer the link and password to your new coaches and allow me to train them!
  • Jumpstart January: How to Plan, Launch and Sustain More New Groups than Ever Before will help you prepare for one of the very best opportunities to launch new groups. January and February present some unique opportunities to connect unconnected people. January also come with a significant challenge that the fall doesn’t have. Take advantage of my newest mini-course and learn how to start the year connecting another wave of unconnected people.

Be sure and check back from time to time.  I plan to add a new short course 4 to 6 times a year.

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