Thanks for purchasing JUMPSTART JANUARY '21!

5 very important details and logistics:

First, the email you used for your PayPal purchase will be what I use to contact you (unless you Email Me to let me know your preferred email address).

Second, you will receive a confirmation email soon with a link to the password protected resource page (where you'll find all of the four session videos, session outlines and downloadable resources for each session). Your confirmation email will also contain the password for the resource page.

Third, if you purchased my Two Fer offer, your confirmation will include a request for the 2nd course you'd like to take.

Fourth, if you purchased a one year membership to GroupLife Insider, you'll receive a confirmation email with a link to register and log-in to the membership site.

Finally, if you purchased a coaching call along with the course, you'll receive an email with instructions for scheduling your call.

Thanks again for purchasing Jumpstart January '21!


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