10 Questions that Will Help You Analyze Your Small Group Ministry

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7674804806_7bd5ff8688_zI reviewed Transformational Groups back in early 2014. It was a very helpful read and my copy ended up very marked up, starred, underlined, and dog-eared. At the time of the review I noted, "Whether you’re new to groups ministry or you’re a seasoned veteran, you’re going to want to digest the information and ideas in Transformational Groups."

One of the things I made a note to return to was a great list of 10 questions to consider when you're trying to debug the results of your small group ministry. Think about these questions.

10 questions that will help you analyze your small group ministry:

  1. Are the pastors and leaders in groups or leading a group?
  2. Do the people in the church continually hear about groups?
  3. If someone wanted to join a group today, what would you tell them to do?
  4. Are stories of transformation that occur in community shared with the church?
  5. In comparison to the weekend services, how much energy is poured into group strategy, leader training, etc.?
  6. Is there a clear path for the attenders of a weekend service to get from the pew to a group, from sitting in rows to sitting in circles?
  7. Are your groups available for anyone who wants to participate, or is there a waiting period?
  8. Does the church conduct an annual churchwide campaign to promote groups and get people into groups?
  9. Are other ministry leaders (staff members, women's ministry leaders, men's ministry leaders, etc.) encouraging those in their ministries to be involved in a group?
  10. Does the church's schedule allow busy people the time to do life together in community?

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Need to diagnose your small group ministry? You may find my mini-course helpful: How to Diagnose Your Small Group Ministry.

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