10 Signs Your Small Group Ministry Needs a Reboot

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You know the painfully frustrating experience when your computer is just stuck and you can't get it to do what it's supposed to do?  You sit there helplessly and watch the little twirly thing spin.  Can't get any work done.  Can't even shut down correctly.

Know the feeling?  Sometimes the best solution is to reboot the computer.

Sometimes a small group ministry is like that.

Sometimes you just need a reboot, a fresh start, a "do over."

10 signs your small group ministry needs a reboot:

1. Your senior pastor is hesitant to promote your connecting events.

2. You've had the same 8 small group leaders for the last three years.

3. You can't find any new qualified leaders.

4. The most obvious product of your small groups is dissension and gossip.

5. You have more than enough groups but can't persuade your unconnected members and attendees to join.

6. Your church has the impression that real discipleship happens in rows, not circles.

7. Small groups are seen as an extracurricular activity for the highly committed.

8. Your church has more rogue groups than on-board groups.

9. You never hear life-change stories from your group leaders.

10. Groups being joined by a neighbor or co-worker never happens.

Sound familiar?  What's your plan?  Do you have one?

Here's my plan: Reboot Your Small Group Ministry with My 5 Step Prescription.

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