10 Simple Steps to a Great Church-Wide Campaign (6-10)

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(This is part two of this article.  You’ll find Steps 1-5 in part one right here.)  Preparing to launch a church-wide campaign?  Or maybe wondering if you can still pull it off with the time you have remaining?  While not easy…it might be simpler than you think.  You’ll need to make some strategic decisions and depending on when you’re reading this, you may need to act decisively, but you can do it.

Ready to get started?  Here are Steps 6-10:

  1. Schedule two to four identical HOST orientation options.  The best sequence is to begin offering orientations 1 or 2 weeks after you begin recruiting.  You need to schedule multiple options for the same reason that you need to make the HOST ask several weeks in a row.  People don’t necessarily attend every week.  In addition, a 1 to 2 week lag allows you to send a letter or email with next steps and other expectations.  You might even be able to assign them a coach on the front end!  Need more?  See HOST Orientations that Work and Breaking: Add This HOST Orientation Idea to Your Bag of Tricks.
  2. Recruit a set of launch-phase coaches that can help your new HOSTs get off to a great start.  Ideally, launch-phase coaches can handle 5 to 10 HOSTs each (with a 1 to 2 hour a week commitment for the 8 to 10 weeks of the campaign).  Need more?  See Recruiting Additional Coaches for Church-Wide Campaigns.
  3. Add an online small group finder to make it easy for unconnected people to connect with your newest groups.  You may not have a small group finder now, but it’s not hard to add one to your website.  My friends at ChurchTeams.com can help you take your first steps.  Find out how right here.
  4. Schedule full on efforts to challenge everyone to be part of a group the two weekends before the launch.  You’ll find a lot about this idea in 5 Keys to Getting  Everyone Involved in a Church-Wide Campaign.
  5. Choose a study to do next that is similar in kind to the first study.  If you recruit on the strength of “easy to use” and “just add water,” you’ll need to help your newest HOSTs choose a study that they have the skills to do.  Choosing the right follow-up study and beginning to promote it publicly in about week 3 or 4 of your launching series makes it even easier to sustain a high percentage of the groups you launch!  You’ll find a lot more on this topic in 5 Keys to Sustaining New Groups.

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