Very Little Surprise Here: 21 Days of Flesh Has Real Possibilities

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21 days of flesh.1Earlier this month I reviewed Flesh: Bringing the Incarnation Down to Earth, a new book by Hugh Halter.  Spoiler Alert: I loved it!  Let’s just say I found it “challenging with just a dash of scary–but so inspiring!”  You can read my full review right here.

I learned from Hugh that they’ve developed a 21 day church wide campaign and after looking at the concept, I think will be just the thing for some churches.  It won’t work for everyone, or at least not for every campaign.  But it’s a powerful topic and focused on the very thing that many of our churches need to develop.

What is the topic?  This paragraph from the 21 Days of Flesh resource page does a very good job of highlighting the big idea:

Flesh teaches people how to live their human lives like Jesus lived His human life. Everyone is talking about being missional these days, but missional only means “to be sent.” Incarnation is the key to everything because being incarnational is about going to the world like Jesus did. Hugh believes that almost every problem we have in church leadership and in our influence on the culture stems from the lack of incarnational Christ followers—and the Flesh campaign is designed to finally get at the issue.

A very simple campaign, there are just three ingredients:

  1. Listen to the weekend message for four weeks (the 21 Days of Flesh resource page has free sermon outlines that are fairly robust and far beyond what I would call an outline).
  2. Read a section of the book each week (Hugh’s style is very readable and packed with stories.  Every chapter concludes with a set of questions that will challenge and motivate those who take this journey and could easily be used to guide the small group discussion).
  3. Read a simple daily devotional for 21 days (also available as a PDF on the 21 Days of Flesh resource page and could be distributed by email to participants).

I really like this idea!  If you’re looking for a simple campaign that will introduce your congregation to a more incarnational form of ministry, don’t miss 21 Days of Flesh.  It may be just what you are looking for!



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