3 Last Minute Ideas That Will Launch More Groups This Fall

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If you’re like me…you’re what seems like moments away from starting the biggest opportunity you have all year to launch new groups.  Of course I’m talking about mid-September to early October.  And we’re just a few weeks away.

But are there still last minute things you can do to launch more groups?  Absolutely!  Here are 3 that will make a difference:

  1. Ask your existing groups to take a small group vacation.  It’s an easy idea.  It’s also a powerful idea.  You know how when you look at many of the best groups in your small group ministry there are many members who could be leading?  Here’s how to help them make a short-term commitment that often leads to new groups and a more fulfilling adventure:  Take a Small Group Vacation
  2. Take advantage of testimonies to recruit hosts and/or members.  Nothing is better at helping people see the value of community than personal story.  Who can argue with it?  I explain how to do it right here.
  3. Plan a late September or early October Small Group Connection.  Don’t know who to ask to lead a few new groups?  No matter.  The Small Group Connection strategy identifies leaders at the event!  My five part series tells you how to do it.

The key?  It’s not too late to take advantage of the best opportunity to launch new groups!  While you’re here, be sure and read my follow-up article: Three Ways to Connect More People This Fall.

Need help with this?  Sometimes the best move you can make is to bring in a strategic outsider with fresh eyes to join the conversation.  I’d love to help you.  Why not Email Me to find out how easy it is to get started?

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