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If you're like me...you're what seems like moments away from starting the biggest opportunity you have all year to launch new groups. Of course I'm talking about mid-September to early October. And we're just a few weeks away.

But are there still last minute things you can do to launch more groups? Absolutely! Here are 3 that will make a difference:


First, ask your existing groups to take a small group vacation.  

It's an easy idea. It's a powerful idea. And it's not too late!

You know how when you look at many of the best groups in your small group ministry there are members who could be leading? Maybe should be leading?And you know, like I know, that those members who should be leading will often tell you that their group is where they receive? That they're contributing elsewhere (children's ministry, student ministry, greeting, etc.)?

You've seen this, right?

Here's a quick workaround:

Invite them make a 6 to 8 week commitment to lead a brand new group this fall. Assure them that it's only a 6 to 8 week commitment and you'll help them spot a leader who can help the group continue beyond the first study.

You will occasionally need to live up to your agreement, but it is much more common for these short term leaders to insist on staying with the members of the new group. It's just that kind of experience.

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Second, take advantage of testimonies to recruit hosts and/or members.

Nothing is better than personal story to help people see the value of community. Whether you leverage last year's story of someone who invited a couple friends to join them for the study or another who simply said yes to joining a group, who can argue with it?

When you find the right person, whether a recent host or a recent member, there story is really all you need. Yes, you do need to give potential hosts or potential group members a way of responding that will help them say yes (drop insert in the offering, click the link in the email, etc.), but it's an easy adjustment.

Personally, I've found I like the video version better (I can edit for effectiveness, add music to soften the mood, etc.), but it also works fine live. If you choose to use live testimony, I'd definitely suggest having the testimony written out and rehearsed.

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Third, plan a late September or early October Small Group Connection.

Have you run up against what might be the most common small group ministry roadblock? Not enough leaders?

Don't know who to ask to lead a few new groups?  No matter. The Small Group Connection strategy identifies leaders at the event!

If you're stumped, you need to spend some time with this article. There's no question in my mind that the very best way to launch the largest number of groups and connect the largest number of unconnected people is with a small group connection.

The beauty of a small group connection is that the event itself forms groups from the attenders. Don't have enough new leaders in your back pocket? No matter. Let the connection process do the heavy lifting.

One of my most common conversations is with the small group pastor or senior pastor who admits they do not know everyone. In fact, it is very common for churches averaging more than 200 to have a growing number of attenders that no one knows. Think about it. If 10% of the unknown attenders have leadership potential...it could be that the best potential leaders you have in your church are people you don't know.

Want to find them? Learn how to run the small group connection strategy. You will be amazed at how consistently it identifies the best candidates in the room.

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