4 Key Insights about Church-Wide Campaigns (from Saddleback’s Promo Video)

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I ran across this video yesterday on Saddleback’s Community Blog and knew you’d want to see it.  Very cool stuff…you can definitely learn a few things from it.  It’s short.  Just a minute and a half.  And as a bonus, the video was shot out on the patio just outside their auditorium.  If you’ve been there, you know right where this is.  You can also tell it’s Saturday or Sunday afternoon and the sun’s setting in the west.

Here’s a link to the video

Here are a few things I noticed:

First, check out the bags they’re using to distribute their host materials! See what the bags are marked with?  Food Pantry!  What a great idea as they’re able to send their hosts home with a bag they can use to bring food back in!  If you didn’t already listen to the first message of Decade of Destiny, Rick Warren challenged the congregation to all bring a bag of groceries every week to help fill the food pantries in Orange County.

What a great idea!  They’re getting double purpose out of a bag with huge implications for impact.

Second, they’re clearly thinking way ahead. Listen carefully to what Tom Crick, Men’s Small Group Pastor says, “This campaign is really different than all the other campaigns, because here you’ve got a 10 year Decade of Destiny that we’re talking about, this is the kickoff for the Decade of Destiny, this is the first study for that, it’s a building block, so we’re laying the foundation.”

I’ve challenged you to think about the ministry year.  Saddleback is thinking about the next 10 years.  The decade.

Third, you can easily pick up the fact there’s more than one kind of person picking up material.  There are people who are clearly small group leaders (i.e., “we’re a small group of women…”) and then there are people who have a much more personal motivation (i.e., “My husband and I, we just got married two months ago, and so this is huge for us because we want to see where God is going to take us as a family.”).

This is a really important learning if you want to do something that engages your whole congregation.  You need a broad topic, a concept that can capture the imagination of everyone.

Fourth, take a close look at the signs in the background.  Notice that there are several signs that say, “Become a Host” and “Already a Host” and two that say “Join a Group.”

Something that you might not pick up on is the fact that the concept of “join a group” is de-emphasized and the idea of “host a group” is much more prominent.

What About You?

Did you see anything I missed?  Would love to hear what you think!

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