Saddleback’s Newest Church-Wide Campaign: 40 Days in the Word

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I had a chance this week to take a look at 40 Days in the Word, Saddleback’s newest church-wide campaign.  Released earlier in 2012, it’s truly a church-wide study.  With special curriculum for children  and messages for junior high and senior high students, 40 Days in the Word is designed to be done system wide.  Adults, teens and children, whole families, can be part of a single conversation; a powerful combination.

Like Saddleback’s previous campaigns, the 40 Days in the Word is designed to leverage the power of alignment.  With daily video devotionals, DVD-driven small group curriculum, weekend service sermon outlines and other resources, this is an immersive experience.

The 40 Days in the Word Workbook includes journal pages that provide a daily devotional plan for the 40 days.  This has been a staple of the campaign experience.  An innovative development in this campaign is the availability of daily video devotionals.  Available via a username and password at, the short video devotionals feature a variety of pastors.

The Small Group Teaching DVD includes the content that makes it much easier to recruit hosts.  With the plug and play format, the DVD segments will keep group members engaged as they follow along in their participant workbook.  The group sessions are designed for easy facilitation, with clear instructions.

The campaign kit includes a promo code that enables a free download of the 40 Days in the Word message series, making message preparation simple.  The Campaign Resource Disc contains many of the tools you’ll need to customize the campaign to fit your church (promos from Rick Warren, web banners, logos, powerpoint slide templates, etc.).

Whether your church is new to the church-wide campaign strategy or you’re an old pro, you’ll find plenty of tips and guidance in the Campaign Success Guide.  Designed to take you from start to finish, this handy guide will provide fresh insights, strategic moves you can make to maximize the impact of your campaign.

Churches everywhere are learning that an essential step in the discipleship process is helping members move beyond hearing the word to loving it and doing what it says.  The simple design of 40 Days in the Word will help your members take those important steps.

There’s a lot to love about this church-wide campaign.  Easy to use, plug and play material.  Components that will help you engage your whole congregation.  Resources that make it easy to deliver a powerful weekend service experience.  A step-by-step guide that will take you from start to finish.  This is good stuff!  40 Days in the Word will help your members love the word, learn the word, and live the word.

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