5 Great Post-Easter Studies (2022)

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Looking for the right study to share with unconnected people after Easter? Of the three best times every year to connect unconnected people into new groups, post-Easter is the third best (in my opinion) but it is still a very time to hold a connecting event and promote in the right ways. After Easter there will be attendees who are ready to take a step (especially if it's promoted well).

Here are 5 studies whose topics would be of interest to unconnected people ready to take a next step:

DVD-driven, Transformed is a 7 session study that accompanies a 7 week message series.  Although this campaign launched in 2014, this is a potent theme and should be on your radar.   Anchored in the apostle Paul’s profound truth in Romans 12:2, this campaign will guide and grow your church by exploring what the Bible has to say about every essential area of our lives: Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Relational, Financial, and Vocational.Like all of Saddleback’s campaigns, this one is the complete package and is a true church-wide campaign with material for the whole family.

I like Transformed because it will appeal to both the congregation and the crowd (and in many situations to the community as well). Who doesn’t sense the need to change in some way? You can read my full review right here.

We've been using a study/experience from North Point Ministries called Circle Up, a free 4 part video driven experience (available on Anthology, North Point Ministries' online resource).

A curriculum descendant of Community: Starting Well in Your Small Group (North Point's 2013 game-changing group starting study/experience), Circle Up is well-designed and easy to use.

Circle Up is not a Bible study. Instead, it's a relational connection engine. Created to help new groups begin (with or without a prequalified leader), each session is designed from beginning to end to help unconnected people quickly get to know one another and, where needed, figure out who among them would make the best, most qualified leader.

In addition to the get-to-know-each-other ingredients, Circle Up does an excellent job of shaping the concept of authentic community and what makes a satisfying group.

If you're looking for a study that will connect unconnected people after Easter, you probably won't find a better study than Circle Up.

New to me, Starting Over is a North Point series from 2016, but the topic is spot on for right now.

Think about it. Who hasn't had the experience of putting something together only to have to take it apart and start over. Career. Marriage. Dreams. And who hasn't asked, "how do we break the cycle of mistakes and failed attempts?"

Available free on Anthology.study (North Point Ministries' online source for small group studies), Starting Over is a classic Andy Stanley 4 session study. You can also watch the video and download the discussion questions at startingoverseries.org (which is very good)!

Starting Point is an 8 week series that has been used by North Point for a number of years as a way to help people explore faith in a safe conversation. Typically hosted on campus, the topic is very appealing to unconnected people because it was designed to cover the questions they already have.

Here's a look at how North Point promotes Starting Point.  Additionally, on the North Point Ministries resource page, there is a full section of Starting Point materials. You can look them over right here.

While it may be a little challenging to pull this off quickly, with the right people and resources it could be just the thing to connect a lot of the people who are looking for a next step.

Winning the War in Your Mind by Craig Groeschel and Life.Church. I've been pointing people to this study for the last 2 years because it is so timely. Groeschel's 2021 book by the same name will further enhance the experience.

Anchored by the four week message series, you'll find everything else you need on the Winning the War in Your Mind series page inside the Open Network area on Life.Church website.

You can read my full review right here.


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