5 November Actions that Impact January/February

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fiveLet's make this short and sweet.

There are certain things I do in November that have a definite impact on January and February results.

5 November Actions that Impact January and February

1. Check our teaching calendar for alignment opportunities.

This is a high priority in November. Our teaching team has determined the weekend message series for the first few months of the new year and this very often points to a hand-crafted one time experience that leads to a connecting opportunity.

2. Check our ministry calendar for alignment opportunities.

Our Engagement team has determined the dates of the experience that is our best first step out of the auditorium for new attenders and attenders ready to take a next step. Since the Next Steps experience allocates about 25% of the time to the importance of being in a Life Group, we always want to line up a connection or short-term group to follow in a timely manner.

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3. Plan the events and/or strategies we'll use to connect unconnected people.

January/February always presents one of the very best opportunities all year to connect unconnected people, it makes a lot of sense to pay close attention to the planning of these events.

We want our events and strategies to be in the best rooms, on the best days and at the best times.

We want the promotion of the events and strategies to be highlighted as something of utmost importance (not second to other events or programs that simply turned their requests in earlier than we did).

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4. Evaluate the effectiveness and engagement of launch-phase coaches who helped sustain new groups in our fall campaign.

Our best strategy for identifying new coaches is to recruit the best candidates to "help us" by taking 2 or 3 newbie leaders under their wing for the 8 to 10 weeks of the fall campaign.

This easy opportunity allows us to watch them in action and see whether these "launch-phase coaches" are a good fit and should be invited to continue. It allows them to make a difference by helping 2 or 3 new group leaders get off to a good start.

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5. Plan our Christmas party for coaches and directors.

Our coaches and directors (from a span of care sense, the men and women who coach coaches) invest a lot of time and energy in doing TO and FOR (and WITH) the leaders they care for.

We want our Coaches Christmas Party to reflect our appreciation for the vital part they play in developing and discipling our Life Group Leaders (and ultimately helping our leaders develop and disciple the members in their groups).

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Other than the fall ministry season, January and February gives you one of the very best opportunities all year to connect unconnected people. Don't miss it! Investing time in planning will pay off.

By the way...the importance of January/February is why I recorded one of my most popular mini-courses: Jumpstart January: Plan, Launch & Sustain More New Groups than Ever Before.


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