5 Quick Ideas that Will Connect More People This Fall

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You might be thinking, “We don’t have time for anything complicated, but we really need to help a new wave of people get connected!” If that’s you…here’s some help!

5 Quick Ideas that Will Connect More People This Fall

  1. Plan a small group connection. Pick an appealing small group study. Pick a convenient day and time. Promote the connection 3 weekends in a row. It’s just about that simple. The study you choose determines who will attend. The process itself is designed to identify leaders at every table. You’ll find plenty of detail in How to Launch Groups Using a Small Group Connection.
  2. Plan a 6 week on-campus study that leads to an off-campus group. Choose a study that will grab the attention of a select group of people (i.e., Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage). If you have more than one group you’d like to target, choose the perfect study for each target (i.e., couples, men, women, etc.). Choose a convenient night and time when you have available on-campus space. Arrange child-care. Promote the study 3 weeks in a row. You’ll find additional details in Take Advantage of This Short-Term On-Campus Strategy.
  3. Plan a “book club.”  This strategy attracts people who wouldn’t ordinarily join a small group (but they might be attracted by an intriguing topic). Choose a book with a captivating title and built-in discussion questions. Choose a convenient day and time. Promote the “book club” 3 weeks in a row. You’ll find additional details in Two Big Opportunities That Will Connect More People This Spring.
  4. Plan a church-wide campaign. I know that doesn’t sound like a quick idea, but with the right off-the-shelf study it’s not difficult to pull off. Choose the right campaign. Choose a launch date in late September or early October. You’ll find plenty of ideas in 5 Best Church-Wide Campaigns for Fall 2015 and 10 Simple Steps to a Great Church-Wide Campaign.
  5. Plan a special event with a speaker (live or video) on a topic that attracts an affinity (couples, singles, men, women, empty nesters, single parents, etc.).  With the right advance planning and a little creativity, it’s easy to imagine the strategic grouping of unconnected people at a first-step event that includes a speaker, dessert, and conversation.  Can you imagine how the right next step event (like a 6 week on-campus study) would connect even more people? You’ll find additional help in How to Design Next Steps and First Steps.

These are just 5 of many great ways to connect unconnected people. You’ll find more strategies in Top 10 Ways to Launch New Groups.

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