5 Simple Steps with Big GroupLife Payoffs!

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What you do in the next 2 or 3 weeks can change what happens at your church this fall.  Although it’s technically not too late to pull the trigger and launch a church-wide campaign, that’s not a simple matter.  Here are 5 simple steps you can take that will have big payoffs this fall and beyond:

  1. Ask some of the existing groups to consider taking a small group vacation and instead of meeting together, help get some new groups going.  Choose an appealing topic with a an easy-to-use 6 week curriculum.  Develop a bulletin  insert that promotes the specific days and times of the new groups.  Announce the study 2 or 3 Sundays in a row, having interested people sign up by placing their completed insert in the offering.  Even if you got 2 or 3 groups to say “yes” to the vacation idea and launched 9 new opportunities…you could connect another 90 to 100 people.  That was easy!
  2. Plan a Small Group Connection for the end of September or the first weekend in October.  Just follow the steps in my four part series.  Choose an easy-to-use curriculum (here are several).  Promote it several weeks in a row.  Hold the event.  That was easy!
  3. Ask all of your groups to add at least one new facilitator.  Make it a goal for September.  Remember, multiple facilitators is a predictor of groups that can endure the loss of a leader.  At the same time, getting all of your groups in the leader development game will enable you to pull off #1 with more groups next year.  That was easy!
  4. Ask your small groups to host Labor Day block parties.  Announce the locations for the next 3 weeks, encouraging nearby members to stop by.  The relaxed atmosphere could help unconnected members to consider joining a group (especially if you’ve encouraged your group members to be on the lookout for unconnected people!).  That was easy!
  5. Encourage all of your existing groups to “kick off the fall” by hosting an open house.  Have them choose a theme, bring food and invite a few unconnected friends.  Publish the day, time and location for each open house on a flyer in the bulletin and encourage unconnected members to “drop by.”  If your group members have their welcome hat on…they just might pick up a member or too!  That was easy!
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