5 Things to Do in August to Prepare for Your Church-Wide Campaign

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Ready for your church-wide campaign to begin?  Depending on your launch date, you’re probably approaching some of the most important weeks.  Although the launch of the actual campaign (the sermon series alignment) is still almost two months away, what you do in August has a lot to do with whether your campaign is a win or a loss.  (If you missed my July post, you can read it here).

Here are 5 things you must do in August:

First, although you’ve already met with your senior pastor and planned your HOST recruiting strategy (and your pastor’s role in it), I suggest making a weekly check-in with your pastor part of the plan.  Why?  In my experience, there is no substitute for a reminder.  Also, many pastor’s will benefit from a little bit of a script or bullets providing the actual verbiage required in the HOST ask.  See also, How to Make the HOST Ask — the 2012 Version and Why You Must Make the HOST Ask Several Weeks in a Row.

Second, there are a number of details that need to be confirmed.  You’ll want to confirm that the HOST bulletin inserts (to allow sign-up commitments to host a group) are ready.  You’ll want to double check the order of service and brief offering takers about the sign-up inserts that will be in the offering.  You’ll need to make sure the HOST FAQ is completed and available at a table in the lobby.

Third, you’ll need to fine-tune your host briefing or orientation agenda.  I’ve found that little details like a 2 minute thank you and affirmation from your senior pastor go a long way in helping new hosts feel valued and encouraged.  Although there is quite a range in terms of what’s in a host packet, you’ll want to include some invitations to be used to invite friends, neighbors, co-workers and family.  An outline of the briefing/orientation agenda is helpful.  I usually include a copy of the study guide as well.  See also, HOST Orientations That Work.

Fourth, although you should have already recruited a group of launch-phase coaches, you might not have trained them yet.  One of the concepts that I’ve used for a number of years include a simple job description and this skill training.  See also, Skill Training: Four Questions Every Coach Should Be Asking.

Fifth, August is the time to select the follow up study that you will be recommending to your new groups.  You’re going to want to select a study that is similar in kind to your launching study (i.e., DVD-driven, easy-to-use, on a topic that matters to unconnected people).  As you build your timeline, you’ll want to begin promoting the follow-up study in about week 4 or 5 of your church-wide campaign.  You might be tempted to allow your newest groups to make this choice on their own.  Don’t fall for that!  New groups are rarely strong enough to survive the kind of negotiation that is necessary when there are alternate ideas about what to do next.  See also, What’s Next? When (and how) to Promote the Next Study.

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