5 Things to Do in January (that lead to more groups in 2022)

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5 Things to Do in January (that lead to more groups in 2022)

Want to connect more people in 2022? There are a few things you can do now to exponentially increase the number you connect.

Here are 5 things to do:

1. Plan a connecting event in late January or early February.

If you run the event on January 30th or February 6th, you'll have several weeks to promote it (February 13th is Super Bowl weekend in the U.S.). Use a strategy like a small group connection in order to launch the maximum number of new groups. Small group fairs or other events that add members to existing groups are better than nothing, but don't come anywhere near connecting the largest number of people for the year. See also, How to Launch Groups Using a Small Group Connection and Here's How I Lead a Small Group Connection.

2. Think strategically about the placement of your 101 class.

If your 101 class is designed to offer a short list of next steps and you've slotted your connection event to follow a week or two later, you have an easy and effective one-two step that leads to more people connected. At Canyon Ridge we offered a 60 minute experience called NEXT about every 6 weeks. The three next steps that are promoted during NEXT are baptism, an upcoming small group connection (1 or 2 weeks after), and signing up for a back-stage tour designed to expose unconnected people to serving opportunities. See also, How to Design Next Steps and First Steps.

3. Review your calendar of connecting opportunities for 2022 and make sure you're offering a well-timed selection.

We built in an annual church-wide campaign almost every fall. We also scheduled at least two other major small group connections and one or two opportunities to choose from a strategically selected set of on-campus group experiences that lead to off-campus groups. In all, we tried to always have an upcoming opportunity that will connect people who have attended NEXT. See also, How to Build an Annual GroupLife Calendar.

4. Choose a church-wide campaign for the fall ministry season and begin the planning process for it.

The right church-wide campaign run the right way will maximize the number of people connected in new groups. Although a church-wide campaign may fit on the calendar in other seasons, the fall is the best time. See also, How to Choose the Right Church-Wide Campaign and Top 5 Church-Wide Campaigns for 2018.

5. Take a serious look at offering at least one 6 week on-campus experience that leads to an off-campus group.

What we called a Short-Term On-Campus experience or study offered a smartly selected topic that appealed to unconnected people. For example, we used Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage to draw unconnected married couples. They're seated intentionally with other unconnected couples like them (we actually segregate any couples who are already in groups to their own tables). The material almost leads itself but the most natural leaders always emerges by the 3rd week. In week 5 we begin suggesting that if they'd like to continue to meet together off-campus, we'd like to help them. See also, Take Advantage of This Short-Term On-Campus Strategy.

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