Accelerate GroupLife in 2011: T – 4 Weeks

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Getting ready for a year when grouplife really accelerates?  After all you got done in week 1 and week 2 of our 6 week boot camp, you’ve got a break this week.  Sort of.

The number of groups that you hope to launch in January will determine how long it will take to get this week’s assignment finished.  Why?  You really want to end up with a coach, a mentor, for every new connection group.  Since it can be structured as a short-term assignment, it makes a perfect test-drive experience for potential coaching candidates.

Step One: Touch base with your existing coaches to prep them for the upcoming small group connection(s).  To really pull off the connection you’ll need a “monitor” for every table you end up with; someone who can keep the conversation moving, help confirm the leader(s),  and help with any last minute wrinkles.  Since you’ll want to assign each of your new connection groups a coach, it makes sense to have the coach you’ll be assigning them at the connection.  Not to intrude or influence the outcome.  More as an observer.

Step Two: If you don’t have coaches yet, now is a great time to recruit a few of your best candidates to help with the connection.  Here’s a collection of my best articles on coaching.  When you’re preparing for a church-wide campaign or a small group connection, you have an opportunity to recruit coaches for a short-term operation.

Here’s an article describing the kind of person who makes the best coach.  Even though you’re only recruiting for a temporary role (I usually describe it as 10 to 13 weeks), you want to recruit the kind of person that you really want on your coaching team.  You’re looking for a hundred-fold kind of person.  If they say yes to a short-term assignment and then choose to continue…you’ve taken a great step in building a coaching team.

Want a look at the job description we use for a short-term, launch-phase coach?  Email Me and I’ll send you an example.

As you probably know, this is part of a 6 week series.  You can read part 3 right here.

Question: Feelin’ the assignment? Does it make sense? Use the comment section to put in your two cents. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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