New from Tony Evans – Add Detours to Your Recommended List

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I spent some time this week with Detours: Lessons from Joseph: The Unpredictable Path to Your Destiny, the newest study from Tony Evans. Evans, has been the Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship for close to four decades and is one of America’s most dynamic preachers.

A six session study, Detours uses the epic faith, life, and career of Joseph to “teach that God is more interested in your development than your arrival.” One of the great Old Testament stories, Joseph’s story is one that wrestles with a cross-cultural topic that many people are interested in: Destiny and Purpose.

Filmed live, the DVD segments capture Dr. Evans’ signature energy and style.  At an average length of 25 to 30 minutes, Dr. Evans intensity and the strength of his content will hold your members’ attention.

The Bible study book includes a well-written set of opening questions designed to help members engage in the discussion.  A viewer guide makes it easy to follow the Dr. Evans’ teaching.  Each of the sessions conclude with a carefully designed set of discussion questions that will help members respond to what they have learned and experienced.

Each session in the Bible study book also includes a set of five daily devotional studies that will help deepen your members’ understanding and expand application.

The leader kit also includes a copy of Dr. Evans’ book by the same title.  Members that desire a deeper understanding may decide to read the book in addition to completing the weekly devotionals.

A simple set of tips for leading are included in the Bible study book, making them available for every participant.

Detours covers a cross-cultural topic that most people are interested in: Destiny and Purpose. Add it to your recommended list and watch what happens!

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