Add “Growing Missional Leaders” to the Missional Conversation

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As you’re building the foundation for a missional approach, you might want to add Growing Missional Leaders: Biblical Strategies to Reach Your World for Christ to your resource list.  With a very practical approach, Dr. Matthew Lee Smith has put together an easy-to-use equipping manual that will help give building leaders a systematic approach.

There are several aspects that will make Growing Missional Leaders a valuable resource for your library.  First, Dr. Smith has taken an extremely biblical approach. Every chapter leads with a scripture passage and is packed with biblical references.  More than a pragmatic illustration of how to do it, Growing Missional Leaders provides the backdrop needed for a biblical foundation.

Second, at a slim 154 pages, the 24 chapter format will make a very doable assignment for teams exploring the missional concept.  In addition, every chapter concludes with a set of questions that will make discussion easy.

Third (and this might be most important), for certain kinds of churches considering this move, this is a book that will come across in just the right way.  It’s formatted just right to seem innocent and educational.  Trust me, and you know who you are, this is a book that will be an eye-opener for some members of your leadership team.  It won’t appeal to everyone, but for certain kinds of churches, Growing Missional Leaders will make a lot of sense.  Better yet, the discussion that follows will be a provocative step in the direction of Kingdom impact.

I like the simple approach of Growing Missional Leaders and think Dave Ferguson has it right in his forward.  “If you and your team read and apply what is in this book, you will grow, your church will grow and the Kingdom of God will grow.”

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