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Raced through Mac Lake's Leading Leaders: Developing the Character and Competency to Lead Leaders over the weekend, and let me tell you, this is a MUST READ. If you've been tracking the idea of building a leadership pipeline, Leading Leaders offers a ton of answers about doing just that.

While there are certainly business authors and through-leaders who have written extensively on the subject, Mac Lake is the go-to expert on building leadership pipelines for churches. If you want to learn how to build a leadership culture that "results in an abundant harvest of reproducing leaders," Lake has a lot to offer.

Leading Leaders provides the answers you need to build the third section of the pipeline (i.e., lead self, lead others, lead leaders, lead departments, lead the church). If you're a small group champion, think about developing coaches who lead group leaders. While the other sections of the pipeline are important, this book provides a long list of key insights into what might be the most critical section.

It could be the best thing about Leading Leaders is that's it's actually a written as a training guide to be used to develop leaders of leaders. While you'll have an eye-opening look into the necessary practices for developing character and competencies in pipeline participants at all levels, this is actually a guide to be used by those who are learning to lead leaders.

Over the last 18 months I've read a stack of books on the topic of building a leadership pipeline. Designed to LeadThe Leadership Pipeline, and The Leadership Code just to name a few. All offered key insights into this 21st century essential practice. All of them referred to the practice of identifying and training for the competencies and character needed at each level.

Leading Leaders is the first resource I've come across that has a built-in set of training modules designed to "develop the skills of a leader in sync with the soul of a true leader." Fantastic! It's plug and play!

There are 7 modules in the book and each module focuses on two elements of leadership: deepening your character and developing your competency.

  • Practicing Spiritual Leadership
  • Practicing Values-Based Leadership
  • Bringing Out the Best in Your Leaders
  • Leading Huddles
  • Recruiting New Leaders
  • Navigating Conflict.
  • Review Your Progress

Leading Leaders is a must-have resource! I cannot wait to put this training guide to use!

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