Anthology: A FREE Resource from North Point Ministries You Need to Know About

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Anthology: A FREE Resource from North Point Ministries

If you’re looking for ways to resource your small group leaders, North Point Ministries Anthology: Group Studies for Life & Faith needs to be on your radar.

Have you already checked it out? Good for you! Are you using it? Hopefully! (Even if you already know about it and are already using it…keep reading for a couple out of the box ways to use Anthology).

I like Anthology for several reasons (and I think you will too):

First, it provides an easy way to provide great content for groups and group leaders that is easy to access. The included studies can be viewed on your TV, computer or mobile device. Easy to view just about anywhere by downloading the Anthology app.

Second, the content library is extensive and it’s easy to find the right topic. Studies are grouped into predictable categories (i.e., Beginning a Group, Career, Christianity, Faith, For Men, For Women, Hard Times, etc.).

Third, the video content features Andy Stanley, Jeff Henderson, and other North Point Ministries communicators. You can be sure the included content is both engaging and biblically solid.

Finally, the video content is FREE! Yes, in most cases group members will still want to purchase the companion study guide (available on Amazon), but the video itself is free.

Don’t Miss These Additional Ways to Use Anthology

There are two additional ways to take advantage of Anthology.

First, some of the studies found on Anthology can easily be used as church-wide campaigns. For example, everything you need to turn What Makes You Happy into a church-wide campaign is available for purchase on North Point Resources (I chose Happy as one of my Top 5 Church-Wide Campaigns for 2018). Happy has a series planning kit, the sermon intro video, and a sermon prep kit.

Second, some of the studies found on Anthology can also be accessed via specially created series websites, making the discussion questions free. It might take you a little effort to locate what you need (and not all of them are available this way), but worth it to check out. For example, one of my favorite studies is In The Meantime, available on Anthology and it’s own website.

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