Bring Your Spouse to GroupLife Southwest ’19 for Half Price!

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Thinking about joining us for GroupLife Southwest '19? Why not bring your spouse along?

You'll want to share what you're learning and experiencing. And there's no better person to do that with than your spouse!

Think of it as a Valentine's Day special!

Through Monday, February 18th at midnight (PST), register for the conference at the Early-Bird price and bring your spouse for half price with the promo code VALENTINE (enter the promo code).

But don't just do that! Make your visit to Las Vegas a memorable experience!

You can stay at a hotel near the conference site. can find discounted prices at many of the hotels on the Las Vegas strip when you're booking for a weeknight.

There is a LOT to do in Las Vegas before and after the conference. April in Vegas is fantastic. Great outdoor dining at some of the finest restaurants in the worldTake in a Cirque du Soleil show. Catch a concert or a comedian. Take a short drive to one of the 7 National Parks within driving distance from Las Vegas.

As I was telling my wife about this half price registration offer she was a little skeptical until I talked her through what a trip to Las Vegas could be like for the spouse of a small group pastor.

GroupLife Southwest '19 will be a great experience for EVERYONE who comes. And...there is so much to do here it could be a great getaway for small group ministry leaders.

Talk it over. Give it some thought.

Just don't wait too long because this deal goes away on Monday, February 18th at midnight (PST)!

See you here?


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