Can Your Ministry Reach Escape Velocity?

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escape velocityYou know your ministry isn’t what it needs to be and you really want to move it to the next level. In fact, you’ve known it isn’t what it needs to be for at least a year or two (or maybe it’s been five). And you’ve tried several tweaks to pry it loose, but it’s just stuck. Been there? There now?

What do you think the problem is? Why do you think you can’t break through?

Can I suggest something? I think the answer to your problem is what you’re trying isn’t enough to break out of the gravitational pull of the status quo. You can’t break out because you haven’t reached escape velocity*. And the truth is you can’t reach escape velocity by tweaking the strategy you’re using. Period. End of story.

If you want to do anything beyond the status quo, you’ll need to begin making evolutionary changes (extending beyond existing offerings or adapting to reach new users).

Can I help you do that?

I’d love to at least help you get started.

There are several ways I can do that:

First, you might consider taking advantage of one of my short courses. For example, Design, Build and Sustain a Thriving Small Group Ministry will teach you some killer concepts that will make a difference (or your money back). You can find out about it right here.

Second, you might take advantage of a coaching call package. We can tailor the calls to your specific situation. You can find out about my coaching call packages right here.

Third, you can sign up for my 2016 Winter/Spring Coaching Network. Every year I lead a small cohort through a sequenced set of conversations that help build thriving small group ministries. You can find out about my next network right here.

Bottom line? I’d love to help you. If you’re stuck and you can’t break through, isn’t now a good time to do what you need to do to reach escape velocity?

Questions? Email Me for more information.

*Escape velocity is “the lowest velocity that a body must have in order to escape the gravitational attraction of a particular planet or other object.”

Image by Chris Hagood

Escape Velocity: Free Your Company’s Future from the Pull of the Past


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