Check Out My Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deals!

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Black Friday + Cyber Monday has ended!

That's right! I've cut prices on GroupLife Insider and many of my most popular mini-courses! And right now you can get them for 25 to 40% off my list price...but only thru Monday, December 2nd!

Here's a look at what I'm offering:

GroupLife Insider is on sale!

GroupLife Insider is my membership site. Membership  includes unlimited access to my mini-course library, exclusive access to “video conference office hours," discounted pricing on coaching calls and much, much more!

Find out all about GroupLife Insider benefits and features right here.

Get a one-year membership to GroupLife Insider for $125! (save $25 to $55 off the normal price!).

"I can't believe you're offering all of this at this price! Thank you for GroupLife Insider!"

Click HERE to buy GroupLife Insider!

Mini-Course Sale

My mini-course library is very popular. If all you need right now is step-by-step instructions on building an effective coaching structure or maximizing your next church-wide campaign...I'm offering some great prices through Monday, December 2nd.

However...if you think you'll need another course or should definitely check out GroupLife Insider! Remember, a one-year membership includes unlimited access to all of my mini-course library!


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