Clarifying the Win for Launch-Phase Coaches

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You’ve taken the challenge and you’re beginning to work your way through the three immediate action steps that pay off big time.  Or you’re at least thinking about it.  You might be all the way up to recruiting the additional coaches you’ll need for this fall’s church-wide campaign.

If you are…good for you.  There’s still one thing you need to do before you take another step.  You need to clarify the win for the launch-phase coaches you recruit.  Here are the wins I’ve identified:

Launch Phase Coach Wins (These are the actual coach wins)

  • Every host has a great experience.  Note: It’s not essential that every group make it for this to happen.  A host can have a great experience even when their group never has a single meeting.  It’s all in how they’re treated by their coach.
  • 70% (or more) of the groups that actually launch are still meeting into the 3rd curriculum.

Small Group Pastor/Champion Wins (These are the wins for the ministry overall)

In the same way every host who is recruited only makes a six-week commitment…but the hope exists that all will have a great experience and choose to continue, every launch-phase coach is making a 10 to 13 week commitment…but the hope exists that many will discover that they are a perfect fit for this essential role (i.e., that they are fruitful and fulfilled).

That said, here are the wins I’ve identified:

  • Careful observation of each launch-phase coach’s performance evaluates their fruitfulness and identifies the true hundred-fold players.
  • Skillful exit conversation with each coach (remember, they’ve only made a 10 to 13 week commitment) assesses for fulfillment.  Note: Fruitfulness and fulfillment is required.  Fruitfulness without fulfillment will never go the distance.  Fulfillment without fruitfulness is coaching in name only.  Only the two together will get the job done.
  • Every coach has a great experience.  Note: This makes the role of the small group pastor/champion essential in doing for the coach whatever you want the coach to do for the leader (and by extension, whatever you want the leader to do for the member).

Need help with this?  Sometimes the best move you can make is to bring in a strategic outsider with fresh eyes to join the conversation.  I’d love to help you.  Why not Email Me to find out how easy it is to get started?

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