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GroupLife Insider Launched in Fall of 2017!

To find out more about my membership site, please visit

If you’ve ever wished for a coach, someone who could walk you through how to build a thriving small group ministry that really makes disciples…GroupLife Insider might be for you.

If you’ve ever wished you could take advantage of the fresh eyes of a strategic outsider…GroupLife Insider might be for you.

If you’ve ever wished for a mentor, someone who could challenge you and encourage you on a regular basis…GroupLife Insider might be for you.

Over a decade of coaching and consulting…

I’ve been coaching small group pastors and consulting with churches for 13 years. I have a very long list of churches that have engaged me to help them launch (or re-launch) their small group ministry. I’ve also helped a growing number of churches exceed their goals in planning and executing church-wide campaigns. I have a lot of happy clients.

In the last 18 months I’ve developed and produced 5 new mini-courses, designed to provide affordable and comprehensive coaching on how to do some of the most strategic and core components of small group ministry.

I’ve been leading exclusive small group ministry coaching networks (limited to 12 participants a year) since 2008.

For the last several years I’ve been experimenting with ways to help a larger number of churches launch, build and sustain thriving small group ministries.

I’ve tried a number of experiments:

  • Conference calls
  • Webinars
  • Coaching Networks
  • Mini-Courses

Coming Soon…GroupLife Insider

In the next few weeks I’ll be launching a new service that I believe will help a lot of churches.

GroupLife Insider, a new member site, will allow me to focus more of my time helping a select group of small group ministry point people. Membership rates will be very affordable and available with a monthly or discounted annual subscription.

GroupLife Insider Membership will offer a number of important benefits:

  1. Access to detailed instructions and step by step tutorials on many of small group ministry’s most important components (i.e., building an effective coaching structure, developing and discipling small group leaders, connecting unconnected people, working with your senior pastor, etc.).
  2. Free or discounted access to 4 to 6 new mini-courses every 12 months.
  3. Exclusive access to “video conference office hours” just for GLI members.
  4. GLI discounts on coaching call and consulting packages.
  5. GLI discounted rate for GroupLife Southwest (a new 2 day small group ministry conference launching in March, 2017).
  6. Participation in regular networking opportunities with other GLI members.

To find out more about my membership site, please visit

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