Communicating with Hosts and Leaders

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What are you doing to keep your small group leaders and hosts up to speed? Calling them all personally? Using a coaching structure to stay in contact? Adding a note to the bulletin? Updating your church’s website? Maybe all of the above?

One of the best new ways to communicate with your leaders and hosts is to use a blog. It’s easy. It doesn’t take a webmaster. And your leaders can choose how they want the information. How much better could it get?

Need an example? Here’s a link to the GroupLife @ Parkview, a blog I created for my leaders at Parkview Christian Church. When I arrived in February of 2010 I knew I’d need a way to get information out quickly and efficiently. An easy way. And I didn’t really have time to wait my turn to get the attention of the web guy. What did I do? Easy:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Bought the domain name ( from
  3. Up and running simply and quickly with WordPress.
  4. Sent an email with a link to the new GroupLife @ Parkview blog to all my leaders.
  5. First post had instructions for subscribing

What’s the advantage? Leader info is available 24/7 without sending anyone anything. Leaders can bookmark the site and use it to download leader tips, recommended follow-up studies, find links to serving opportunities, etc.

It is super easy to use a blog, right out of the gate, to communicate with your group leaders.

Another communication idea that I’m beginning to take advantage of is Twitter. Not many of my leaders use twitter yet, but I can set my Twitter updates to update Facebook as well, and lots of people are beginning to have Facebook accounts and use it to keep up with what’s going on.

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