Connect the Dots: Your Strategy and Post-Christianity

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How does your strategy work in an increasingly post-Christian culture?  How much thinking are you doing to truly understand the implications of ministry leadership in the 21st century?  Are you sensing the connection between a rising degree of ministry difficulty and changes in the spiritual barometer itself?

Barna’s most recent report highlights again the shift happening in America as 37% of Americans are highly or moderately post-Christian. Are you having the conversations that lead to strategic shifts in ministry design?  See Gabe Lyon’s The Next Christians for more.

James Emery White’s blog has been helpful in spotlighting a seismic shift in outreach strategy.  Have you begun wrestling with how ministry must adapt and change to be effective in the second decade of the 21st century?  See his book, The Church in an Age of Crisis for more.

I’ve been harping on this for several years.  It’s front of mind every day.  Are you there?  See also, Different, Not Better, Will Connect the Widening 60%.

What do you think?  Have a question?  Want to argue?  You can click here to jump into the conversation.

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