Convergence: New DVD-Driven Small Group Curriculum with a Twist

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Had a chance to preview Convergence: Where Faith and Life Meet, an intriguing new line of video driven small group curriculum.  Available on DVD or as a download, this is not an old-school famous talking head teach-a-lesson and then work-through-the-questions product.  This DVD-driven curriculum comes with a twist.  Instead of watching a short lesson, you really feel like you’re the third party in a great conversation, dying to ask a follow-up question.   Convergence will generate some unexpected and out-of-the-ordinary discussions.

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Every segment is hosted by Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz) and features an interesting conversation with with “another well-known Christian author or speaker about the challenges that Christians face while trying to integrate faith with real life.”

The current library includes interviews with Henry Cloud, John Townsend, Randy Alcorn, Dan Allender, Phyllis Tickle, Tremper Longman and Lauren Winner on topics ranging from spiritual practices and personal growth to marriage and parenting; a great set available at a very attractive price, especially when the participant and leader guides are downloadable free.

I was able to take a look at all three segments from the Spiritual Practices DVD featuring Lauren Winner (Mudhouse Sabbath: An Invitation to a Life of Spiritual Discipline), and I have to say, I was definitely pulled in by the conversation.  The combination of Donald Miller’s engaging normal guy take on spirituality and the fascinating story of Winner’s migration from Orthodox Judaism to Christianity kept me glued to the conversation.  When it ended, I was ready to talk about how it might provoke a next step for me.

While the video segments are very engaging, it’s important to note that the segments provide just enough content to prompt an engaging conversation.  At 16 to 18 minutes (on the Spiritual Practices DVD), there will be plenty of time for discussion and the leader and participant guides (downloadable) feature the kinds of statements and questions that will help your groups engage in the topic.  In addition, you’ll find a series of valuable leader development articles in the Resources section on the Convergence site.

Special Promotion for the First 25 Readers:

To promote the new resource, the first 25 people from my blog will get a free download. To take advantage of this offer, just head over to the Convergence site and use the promo code HOWELL.

Next Step on the Convergence Blog Tour

You can join the next stop on the Convergence blog tour on Wednesday, December 1st over at Oil for Joy, Maegan Stout’s site.  She’ll be reviewing the Marriage DVD in the series…and she’ll probably have her own set of download giveaways!

Here’s a Sample from the Spiritual Practices DVD:

Lauren Winner on Spriritual Practices from All Things Converge on Vimeo.

Lauren Winner on Spriritual Practices from All Things Converge on Vimeo.

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  1. Danny Bixby on December 1, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    Mark, I’m really digging the convergence material and am thinking of leveraging it more in our church’s small group structure.

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to pick your brain on something.

    Do you feel this material could work well with a group that doesn’t really have a “leader?” For example, groups that are meeting in host homes, or have a formative (not quite committed) leader.

    Seems to me the participant guide is a pretty good resource, that coupled with the DVD may be enough…

    Appreciate your thoughts! 🙂

  2. Mark Howell on December 1, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    Thanks for jumping in here, Danny! The maturity level of the group as a whole might determine how effectively it can be used without a true leader. The participant guide is very helpful and in many cases would be enough to keep the group on track. I actually think that the video content is so strong that it will generate a good discussion…even if it gets off track some. Depending on the capabilities in your organization, you can always prepare and post your own Leader Tips and Ideas and that would definitely level the playing field.


  3. Danny Bixby on December 1, 2010 at 10:09 pm

    Cool, I’m definitely tracking with you.

    Also great point that good discussions don’t always have to be “on track.” Real easy to let something like structured discussion become a distraction on the way to good discussion.

    Thanks for the feedback.