Don’t Miss Distinct: Living above the Norm

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distinctI spent some time with a new study from LifeWay’s Bible Studies for Life series this week. Distinct: Living above the Norm is the newest addition to a growing line of studies “on topics that are relevant to today’s believers. Studies that help people understand how to apply the Bible to everyday life — their families, their careers, and their struggles — just as they are, right where they live.”

Working its way through Matthew 5:1-48, Distinct provides a timely look at 6 aspects of Jesus’ most famous sermon, the Sermon on the Mount.

A 6 week DVD-enhanced study, a short video featuring Michael Kelley discussing the primary themes of the session helps set up a good discussion. While it’s a very straightforward video, simply the author setting up the session, the no-frills approach works very well. The study is quite flexible and the video can be shown at the very beginning, after an icebreaker question, or after a quick overview section just before the meat of the study. The video segments average 8 to 10 minutes in length.

The Bible Study book is very easy to use with a well-written set of discussion questions. Each session of the Bible study is made up of three sections: The Bible Meets Life (“an introduction of the section and its connection to everyday life”), What Does the Bible Say (“includes the primary Scripture text along with explanations for key words and ideas within the text”) and Live It Out (this section helps group members apply what they’ve learned). Working their way through the session’s particular passage of scripture, a group will acquire a good understanding of the meaning and implications for their lives.

The Bible Study book also includes a good Leader Guide that provides extra help and coaching to help members “get the most out of the study and ensure a richer experience.” While the study is certainly simple enough that an average leader can facilitate it without the Leader Guide, new leaders and experienced leaders alike will benefit from the guide. The DVD-ROM also includes a commentary section and additional leader helps and tools.

If you’re looking for a study that is easy to use and still takes your group deep into biblical truth and solid application, Distinct: Living above the Norm ought to be on your recommended list. For that matter, the Bible Studies for Life series is a series that is consistently delivering very timely topics in a way that will have your members talking. I like this study and the series and I think you will too.

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