Do You Have the Right Prescription?

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I’ve had a cold for 15 days.  Started with a kind of basic achiness.  Became a head cold.  Then moved into my chest.  Then returned to my head.  On and on.

Finally went to a walk-in clinic Tuesday morning.  They took my temperature, checked my blood pressure, blah, blah, blah.

Then the doctor came in.  “What’s going on?”  I told him, “sinuses close up as soon as I lay down to sleep.  Toss and turn all night the last two nights.”

Then he asked about the medicine I was taking.  I said, “Mucinex DM.”

He said, “You should be taking Mucinex D or Sudafed PE.  Mucinex DM attacks the wrong thing.  Works great for check congestion.  Not made to dry up your sinuses.”

Then he said, “That will be $40.  Hope you feel better.”

The Point

How’s your small group ministry feeling?  Achy?  Not enough leaders?  Too many people saying “no” to groups?  Little or no evidence of life-change?

Can I tell you something?  You might be taking the wrong prescription.  There are a couple solutions.  You may be able to self-diagnose.  It’s also possible you need a pair of fresh eyes to talk over the symptoms.  Either way…I’d love to help you.

My series Diagnosing Your Small Group Ministry is a kind of self-diagnosis tool.  And I do consultations by phone all the time.  Here’s how to set up a phone call: Schedule a Coaching Call.

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