Do You Know this Connection Secret?

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I probably shouldn’t call it a secret.  But did you know that a tiny little detail can add vast new understanding about which strategy will connect the largest number of people?  In fact, I’m beginning to think that misunderstanding this little detail leads to more connection misfires than anything else.

What’s the detail?  If you want to connect unconnected people, you need to understand their lifestyle, priorities, and pressures.  They’re different, you know.  If you’re trying to connect everyone with a one-size-fits-all approach, you’ll be disappointed.  Thankfully, you can solve for a solution with this simple practice:

Begin by forming an opinion about the people who are already connected in a group.  Specifically, begin thinking about what kinds of members of the core, committed and congregation (to use the Saddleback concentric circles) are already in a group.  The better you can begin to describe them (their lifestyle, priorities, families, etc.), the easier it will be to form some conclusions.

Although there will be a range of personalities, you should be able to begin to draw some common themes.  This is very important and worth spending time working through.

Next, begin forming an opinion about the people who are not connected in a group.  Specifically, think about the members of the congregation and the crowd who are unconnected.  As you wrestle with this exercise, you should begin to be able to recognize their priorities, lifestyle, pressures, etc.

Now, begin thinking about the ways that these two groups are different.  They’ll have some similarities.  There will be some things that they share in common.  The secret though, is in their differences.  Once you understand their differences, it ought to impact your connecting strategies, the studies you choose to launch groups, and the topics of the church-wide campaigns you select.

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