Don’t Miss Exponential Groups! (New from Allen White)

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exponential groupsThere’s a new book on the small group scene you should know about. Allen White’s, Exponential Groups: Unleashing Your Church’s Potential is a great addition to my recommended list for both small group pastors and senior pastors trying to figure out small group ministry.

Although I always include a disclosure when I review a book, Exponential Groups deserves a special disclosure. Far more than an acquaintance, Allen is a friend of mine as well as a co-conspirator in the great laboratory of small group strategy. His experience places him on a very short list as very few people have his deep experience in helping small group ministries grow exponentially.

One of the reasons I like this book is that the author is a genuine practitioner. The strategies he details are not theory. They’re also far more than recollections of instances when a wild experiment worked. Exponential Groups offers a well-written account of the strategies that have helped over 1500 churches grow their small group ministries exponentially.

In addition to benefitting from Allen’s experience, you’ll also find the organization of the book very helpful. Taking the reader logically from beginning to end-in-mind, you’ll both appreciate his expertise and come to appreciate the wry tone that finds its way into many of the sections. Again, this is not theory. These are the wise words of a very seasoned practitioner.

An aspect I think you’ll find particularly helpful is that Exponential Groups lays its strategies and tactics out in a step-by-step manner. As I see it, there are no missing elements or logic leaps. And it really does feel like you’ve scored an uninterrupted conversation with a legitimate expert who knows how to explain things in a language you actually understand.

I’m sent a lot of books in hopes that I’ll review them here (and maybe help promote them). Very few make it from the stack to my recommended list. Exponential Groups is on the short list of small group ministry books that I’ll recommend this year. If you’re small group ministry is stuck or needs to grow exponentially, don’t miss this book.

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