Don’t Miss One at a Time: A 6-Week Study by Kyle Idleman

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Did you miss this one?

I did.

One at a Time is Kyle Idleman's 2022 entry into the church-wide campaign list. Based on a book written by Idleman and published in January, 2022, and a video series (available on RightNow Media and the Southeast Christian Church website), One at a Time offers an outstanding glimpse into the way Jesus changed the world: one at a time.

My discovery of One at a Time: The Unexpected Way God Wants to Use You to Change the World was either good fortune or providential depending on your world view. I prefer to think of discoveries like this one as providential. 

First, I saw a promotional tweet that referenced Idleman's 2022 60 day devotional book by a similar title: One Day at a Time. Always on the hunt for a timely study topic, I asked for a review copy and when it arrived...I loved it immediately. If reaching the people in your community is important to your church, this is a devotional book you'll want to get into your congregation asap.

Second, after looking over the 60-day devotional, I looked for other resources that might accompany the develotional. I found what I was looking for on There I found the 2022 publication for the trade book that accompanies the study itself.

Third, I did a little hunting for a video resource for the study and found one on RightNow Media. Idleman is a very compelling speaker and has produced some exceptional resources in the past. This video series is exceptional. You can see the RightNow Media resources right here.

Fourth, there are free resources available on the Southeast Christian Church website. There you'll find links to the messages that shape the series, discussion guides, and small group videos (if your church doesn't subscribe to RightNow Media, this will make it possible for your groups to see the video).

I really love this resource! If you're looking for a way to help your church move forward in impacting your community, One at a Time might end up being my top pick for 2022 and 2023. This is what my city needs...and I bet yours does too!

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